THE STRIKE 'The Oi! Collection' 12" LP

THE STRIKE 'The Oi! Collection' 12" LP

One of, if not THE best Oi! bands ever! Originated in Scotland in the early '80's and featured on the original and highly rated "Strength Thru Oi!" punk/Oi! compilation in 1986. Fergus went on to sing for the highly rated band Emergency after The Strike broke up. Unfortunately The Strike never recorded a full-length album. This is a collection of all their officially released songs and was released on CD in 2004 but now on limited 12" colour vinyl. All tracks have been remastered and full lyrics for every song included too!

Pressing Info:

300 white



1. Gang Warfare
2. Skinhead
3. Victim
4. Anthem For The 80`s
5. Alien
6. When The War`s Over


1. Agony Of A Nation
2. Action Man
3. Hungry Gun
4. Mania
5. Cry Of Youth