DOUG & THE SLUGZ 'Boots, Braces & A Bad Attitude' 12" LP (Pic Disc available)

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DOUG & THE SLUGZ 'Boots, Braces & A Bad Attitude' 12" LP (Pic Disc available)

It’s been a few years now, so the legend of this band has been spreading. As the story goes… before there was THE GENERATORS; and even before major-label punk-rockers SCHLEPROCK, there was DOUG & THE SLUGZ. Formed in 1983 by Doug ‘Dagger’ Kane, the charismatic front man of all of the above-mentioned bands, DATS were without a doubt one of America’s first Oi! bands around, certainly on the West Coast. The original existence of the band was short-lived and in 1984 the name changed to THE RISK and by late 1985 the existence of DOUG & THE SLUGZ was only a memory and some songs on a demo tape. In the aftermath of the band’s demise, guitar player Scotty Graham unfortunately hit some hard times and eventually became a guest of the state doing a tour of his own around California prisons. Then in a serendipitous moment 30 years later, paths were crossed and old friendships rekindled and the healing began as the old group of friends got a guitar back into Scott’s hands and the songs came back like no time had passed. Since 2015 the next chapter has begun and this is the real-life story of redemption and brotherhood and how rock’n’roll truly did save a soul…. ‘Boots, Braces & A Bad Attitude’ is a combination of some of the very first DATS songs resurrected and re-recorded, and some of the newest songs that remain true to their roots without missing a beat since those halcyon days in the mid-80’s.

1. Bootboy Skinhead
2. Promised Us A Future
3. Real Reality
4. Walking Tall
5. Pistoled

1. Boots, Braces & A Bad Attitude
2. Crown City Kids
3. We’re Taking Over
4. Skinhead Life