DOUG & THE SLUGZ 'Smash Hits, Volume 1' 12" LP

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DOUG & THE SLUGZ 'Smash Hits, Volume 1' 12" LP

Before THE GENERATORS; and even before major-label punk-rockers SCHLEPROCK, there was DOUG & THE SLUGZ. Formed in 1983 by Doug ‘Dagger’ Kane, the charismatic front man of all of the above-mentioned bands, DATS (who became THE RISK in 1984) were without a doubt one of America’s first Oi! bands around, certainly of the West Coast. In an era when California was known for the violence of punk rock from the many beach towns like CIRCLE JERKS and BLACK FLAG, Doug and his crew were from the streets of LA and bringing an authentically British sound to the stage, heavily influenced by THE LAST RESORT and 4-SKINS. Things were different in the 80’s and the only output at that time was a cassette tape, and somewhere along the way studio masters were lost. So the original band has re-recorded all their early anthems for this LP and they are now enjoying the much deserved and long over-due respect back on-stage in California, across the USA and even in Europe and the United Kingdom!

This is a MUST-HAVE album in the collection of any skinhead, bootboy, herbert or punk rock music fan of the past 4 decades!!

1. American Skins
2. Boots, Braces & A Bad Attitude
3. Friday In Old Town
4. Crown City Kids
5. Power In Numbers
6. Doug And The Slugz
7. Just Another Battle

1. No Retreat
2. Skinhead Faction
3. Drinking & Driving
4. Chaos (4-Skins)
5. Lebanese Crisis
6. We’re Taking Over