TEMPLARS 'La Premiere Croisade' 12" LP (NEW PRESSING)

TEMPLARS 'La Premiere Croisade' 12" LP (NEW PRESSING)

To kick off the next wave of TEMPLARS releases, TKO RECORDS brings you "La Premiere Croisade." These recordings are from the first time the TEMPLARS set foot in a professional recording studio back in 1993. Included are the four songs that would comprise the band's debut "Poor Knights Of Acre" 7" EP, PLUS seven additional tracks that have remained unreleased until now.
"La Premiere Croisade" is essentially the TEMPLARS' lost first album: their HOLY GRAIL, some might say.

-Meticulously remixed and remastered from the original multi-track recordings.

-Some of the TEMPLARS' rarest material, including their 1993 debut 7"


1. Who's The Real Threat Now *
2. War On The Streets *
3. Skinheads Alright #
4. No Solution #
5. Bootboys +
6. Dead End Politics #

1. Police Informer #
2. Skinhead Girl +
3. Soldier +
4. I've Hear It All Before *
5. Right To Work *

*Originally released on "Poor Knights Of Acre" EP
# Previously unreleased version
+ Previously unreleased