TOY TIGER 'Take A Trip On The Tiger Side' 12" LP

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TOY TIGER 'Take A Trip On The Tiger Side' 12" LP

Formed in the summer of 2019, TOY TIGER suffered the same hurdles as so many other bands, with their trajectory halted due to the covid pandemic. The 2 core members of the band stuck with it though and while living in the ghetto of Vancouver’s notorious Down Town East Side there was no shortage of inspiration for their chaotic and intense songs. By the time the pandemic was waning, the foundations were laid and once the line-up was complete the band was ready to unleash their brand of tiger rock’n’roll and brought their frenetic live energy to the stage and recorded 10 tracks for this album. The LSM Vinyl version for North America is a limited quantity of only 250 of Neon Orange with Black Splatter, so don’t miss out!

A1 - Born to condemn
A2 - Ricin
A3 - If you love em, remind em
A4 - Still a tiger
A5 - Killa thrilla

B1 - Creepers
B2 - No scaredy cats
B3 - Armed robbery rock
B4 - Cascadia
B5 - Eyes made of starlight & moon