THE CHOICE FEW 'One Way Streets' 12" LP

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THE CHOICE FEW 'One Way Streets' 12" LP

Last Crusade, Thankless Graft, No Heart… we must have released a dozen of records that included the involvement of our friend Mike (Underwood) by now! And you know what? It never gets old! True, the aforementioned bands all had a very similar – if you loved one of them, you undoubtedly loved all of them – sound, but also something fresh and new – like Mike’s all new outfit The Choice Few – gets the adrenaline pumping!

Released as a co-production between Rebellion Records (EU) and LSM Vinyl (North America), The Choice Few’s debut 12” “One Way Streets” contains a total of seven blistering scorchers for skins, punks, mods and glam boys ‘n girls! With a striking mix of pub and street rock, “One Way Streets” is still tough as nails, but also some of Mike’s catchiest work to date! With six originals and a killer cover of The Letters’ cult-classic “Nobody Loves Me”, power and harmony go hand in hand on our first debut release of 2021!

So polish up those boots, refuel that scooter and gather with your mates, because it’s time to hit up those “One Way Streets” along with Canada’s latest gang of snarky fucks – The Choice Few!

Includes lyric sheet, metallic silver ink, glossy jacket

Past bands:
Mike - No Heart, Off The Clock, Last Crusade, Thankless Graft
Jon - Decontrol
Wizz - The Stockers (Wouter it's up to you if you want to mention jon/wizz's bands - decontrol were known but 90s, stockers not outside of our area)
Jordy - No Heart, Off The Clock
WIll - No Heart, Emergency, Alternate Action

A1: Out On A Tenner
A2: Monotony
A3: One Way Streets
A4: Nobody Loves Me (The Letters)

B1: Ain't Got A Clue
B2: Start Anew
B3: Lost Not Found