LVGER 'Fvll Villain' 12" LP

LVGER 'Fvll Villain' 12" LP

Their 2019 self-titled debut album was well received and a positive change of sound in subculture music.
To describe the sound of LVGER was a real challenge for reviewers,
and 'Full Villain' does not make it any easier. "Hard Street Rock'n'Roll" is probably a term which fits best, these guys from New York, allowing a range of styles from 70s Hard Rock to Doom to British Heavy Metal, all with an aggressive sound and brutal vocals.
If your taste in music leans towards bands like BATTLE RUINS, BLACK SABBATH, CRO MAGS and MOTÖRHEAD, then you should definitely give LVGER a chance.

1. Full Villian
2. The Leech
3. Get Out
5. Read My Mind
6. Two Heads
7. Never Surrender
8. Psycho Machine
9. Angel Choke