KNOCK OFF 'Side By Side' 12" LP

KNOCK OFF 'Side By Side' 12" LP

The Watford boys are back! This is the 5th full-length album from Knock Off since their formation in 2014, which when a handful of EPs are added is a pretty good rate of return – and they are only getting better! Side By Side packs in 15 tracks of infections, sing-along, pump your fist in the air anthems which are all fueled and inspired by ‘football, beer and punk rock’ which is the band’s infamous motto. For anyone who has had the pleasure of experiencing a live performance by Knock Off, they will know what a fun time that is, and for those who have not, the energy and enjoyment of the band is translated well in the studio. So do yourself a favour and grab a copy while you can, get a cold one out of the fridge and turn it up loud!

• Co-released with Sunny Bastards from Germany.
• Limited to 250 units of ‘classic’ Black Vinyl for North America with deluxe spot gloss printed jacket exclusive to LSM Vinyl.
• Knock Off are one of the hardest working bands in punk with gigs all over the UK and Europe


A Side
1) Take His Eyes
2) Tear It Down
3) Working Class Boy
4) I Don’t Fucking Care
5) Side By Side
6) Back With The Band
7) A Long Time Dead
8) Wolves

B Side
1) Subconscious Terror
2) Streets Of Gold
3) No One Ever Gets To Leave Alive
4) This City
5) Brave New World
6) You Won’t Change Us
7) Just Fuck Off