HARD WAX 'Diamond In The Rough' 12" LP

HARD WAX 'Diamond In The Rough' 12" LP

This is where it all began! Back in 2016, founding members Tom Boutwood (Arch Rivals, Hostile Minds, Riot City Radio, Dead Legions) and Matt Crouch (Hostile Minds) released their debut ‘Kings Of The Weekend’ 7” EP and there was no looking back. The band was an instant hit and followed that up with their ‘Diamond In The Rough’ in 2017. That has been long sold out, so it was decided that it was time to make that first LP available again with updated and fresh artwork in reverse (blue jacket now, red artwork originally). So lace ‘em up tight and stomp all night to the ripping new sounds of the UK’s finest – HARD WAX!

Side A:
1. Bootboy Stomp (All Night Long)
2. Your Time Is Up
3. In The Know
4. Diamond In The Rough
5. Shouting Out Loud

Side B:
1. Bringing Back The Noise
2. Move Your Feet
3. Bovver Love Blues
4. Fight Tonight
5. Head Held High
6. We’re Here To Stay

250pcs. - 12" Ultra Clear w/ Red & Blue Splatter Vinyl
250pcs. - 12" Black Vinyl