FUERZA BRUTA 'Verdugo' 12" LP

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FUERZA BRUTA 'Verdugo' 12" LP

Foreign Legion Records’ first and second press, as well as Under Watchful Eyes’ limited edition of just 100 copies of FUERZA BRUTA’s “VERDUGO” LP literally flew out the door! Not that weird though, because those who are familiar with these hard-hitting savages from Chicago all agree on one thing – this was one of the, if not – the best release of 2017!

Despite this, it was nearly impossible to find a copy in Europe – until now that is! Because REBELLION RECORDS is proud to unleash this beast onto the European market for everyone to hear! So if you – for whatever reason – missed out before, now is your time to grab a copy of this explosive mix of brickwall Oi! and raucous hardcore-punk and to find out what this fuzz is all about!

Oh, you might want to shape up on your Spanish though, because this record is completely En Español!

Jacket printed on uncoated, reverseboard stock
Insert printed on thick eco paper
Adapted artwork for this European vinyl version
plays at 45 rpm for maximum power

A1 Asocial
A2 Hijos De La Calle
A3 Nueva Generación
A4 Un Tres Un Dos
B1 Nación Dividida
B2 Verdugo
B3 Cerdos Fascistas
B4 Lavoro