DIAMOND DOGS 'World Serpent' 12" MLP

DIAMOND DOGS 'World Serpent' 12" MLP

If you thought that DIAMOND DOGS’ contribution to our recently released “Oi! Ain’t Dead 8 – Chaos
In Nederland” (RR284) compilation – which was a storming cover of The Flyin’ Spiderz’ Dutch punk
classic “City Boy” - would be the band’s only feat of arms in 2023 you better guess again! Because
right before we march into the new year, these Barbarians are set to crank out an all new scorcher andthey crank it out with brute force!

Alike last years successor – “Eye Of The Storm” (RR254) –, the “WORLD SERPENT” 12” includes
another eight hard stomping attacks that spit out their venom in the form of earth-trembling tracks like “World Serpent”, “Stormwatch”, “A Nation In Ruins” and “Crown Of Fire”! Topped off again with the beautiful artwork by Johan Prenger ( https://www.johanprenger.nl ), DIAMOND DOGS’ latest outburst both sounds and looks heroic, while its vile and ruthless mix of Oi!, hardcore and slight hints of heavy metal keeps on rocking against the modern world!

“WORLD SERPENT” is the soundtrack to the Twilight of the Gods and a must for fans of Burden, Live
By The Sword, Fléau, Battle Ruins, Hammer And The Nails, Bloody Minded and Violent Reaction.

A1 World Serpent
A2 Stormwatch
A3 Nation In Ruins
A4 Seeds of Destruction
B1 Brute Force
B2 Crown of Fire
B3 Can’t Walk Away
B4 Diamond Days