DIAMOND DOGS 'The Executioner' 7" EP

DIAMOND DOGS 'The Executioner' 7" EP

What do you get when ex-members of classic hardcore bands from the Lowlands such as Reaching Forward, Mainstrike, Justice and Cornered start a new band? Exactly, raw and hateful Oi! to boot! Influenced by the likes of Combat 84, Iron Cross and Straw Dogs, Dutch newcomers DIAMOND DOGS are out for blood with their dark and anti-social stance against this weak, modern society with four earth-shattering scorchers! Fans of the aforementioned bands or newer outfits such as The Stance, The Brass, Tyrant and of course Hammer And The Nails take… fuckin’… note! ‘Nuff said!

Comes in an old school disco bag with glued taps on the outside and lyric sheet

A1 The Executioner
A2 Fortress Of Hate
B1 Raw Visions
B2 Ship Of Fools